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Read what some of our past and present clients are saying about our work.

Recent Project Directors

"We value Judy so much. She is an incredible colleague. We were singing your praises while we reviewed your logic model feedback yesterday. We are so thankful for your partnership and how thorough you are."

-Principal Investigators


“I want to thank you for mentioning ‘presentation engagement.’ This is an

area that we were not thinking about for these presentations but will now pay some attention to. Thanks for

always seeing our work with a critical lens.

It makes our work better.”

-Service Area Lead

“I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know how grateful I am for you at our meetings. With me being new, you always take extra effort to make sure I know what we are talking about and for that, I have much appreciation.”

–Technical Assistance Specialist

“Users genuinely find the tool to be useful and helpful. I thought you might appreciate this update given all the great work you did developing the tool.”

 – Founding Partner of a research and evaluation agency


"I really appreciate your thoughtful contribution to the effort. You always provide excellent guidance that helps us think about how our work connects to the project’s major goals."

Project Partner, Professor Emerita, and President of a research company

“Your evaluation plan and the thoughtful application of feedback was instrumental to the outcomes."

Director of Technical Assistance

“Wow!! What a nicely done report Judy. I can certainly see why you were the very best person not only to manage the ongoing project and keep us on track...but also to take tons of information and organize it into a thoughtful and nicely flowing report.”

Former Executive VP of Child Welfare service agencies in NC

“I just want to say once again
(I don't feel like I say it enough), you are an amazingly competent and supportive colleague, and I am very thankful to have you on our team.”

-Assistant Project Director

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